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About Us


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Victoria World Wide Business Connections Group, LLC (VWW) and Dr. Tevsijk Group, LLC (DrT) are sister companies dedicated to commercializing health related products on an international basis, and operates out of Miami, FL, USA. We have successfully placed our products in more than 60 countries and we look forward to expanding our reach even further.

The main objective of our company is to develop and establish specialized and exclusive channels of distribution in foreign markets. Our knowledge and expertise in markets such as the Middle East, Far East, Africa, grants us unique opportunities to expand our distributions and consolidate important negotiations for our products and those of our strategic partners.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide products that will fulfill the world’s need to achieve healthy and meaningful lives.

Our Vision


Our vision is to strengthen our relationship with our existing distributors by offering innovative and unique products that perpetuate well being, as well as develop new relationships to promote healthy individuals all around the globe, fueled by socially responsible initiatives.

Our Valuable Team Members


President & CEO

Medical Clinical Technologist BS
Universidad Católica, Colombia.
Experience: 5 years in Clinical Laboratory and over 25 years in international nutraceutical sales.
Phone: 305-895-7077

VP Finance & Operations

Accounting and Finance BS
Certified Public Accountant
Universidad Libre, Colombia.
Experience: Over 15 Years in Accounting / Finance & top management.
Phone: 305-895-7077 Ext. 307

VP Sales

Degree in Business Administration
Miami Dade Community College, USA
Experience: 7 years in finance and management and over 13 years in international nutraceutical sales.
Phone: 305-895-7077 Ext. 313

Scientific Technical Consultant

Medical Clinical Technologist BS
Universidad Católica, Colombia.
Experience: Qualified professional with over 15 years of experience related to: scientific and technological development in the health and agro industrial sectors. 10 years of research and development of quality process and teaching experience in the area of health.
Phone: 305-895-7077 Ext. 301


Middle East Sales Executive.

National and International Marketing BA
Universidad de Manizales, Colombia.
Experience: 3 years in international nutraceutical marketing and over 7 years in international nutraceutical sales.
Phone: 305-895-7077 Ext. 314

Edward Herrera

Silvia Ordonez

Gustavo Castillo

Sandra Salgado

Africa & Latin America Sales Consultant

Publicist BS
Universidad Católica, Colombia.
Experience: 13 years in CPG account management and business development at Team Jedi Marketing, Coastline Management Group, and VWWBC, 3 years in international sales of As Seen on TV Products and over 4 years as an International Sales Director. Currently Director of Top Enterprise Solutions providing services to Victoria World Wide Business Connections Group, LLC. & Dr. Tevsijk Group, LLC.
Phone: 305-895-7077 Ext. 309

Marketing Coordinator

Industrial Engineer BS
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia
Currently studying a Master in Commercial & Marketing Management, at Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Colombia.
Experience: Over 3 years as Marketing  Coordinator at VWW.
Phone: 305-895-7077 Ext. 304

Accounting Consultant

Degree in Advertising. Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Colombia.
Consultant providing services to VWW since 2012 as a Bookkeeper and VP Finance & Operations assistant
Certified Quickbooks user – Intuit 2010
Experience: Bookkeeper for over 18 years in USA.
Phone: 305-895-7077

Elsa Ospina

Luis Alvarez

Jorge Ospina

Adriana Rueda


Ailyn Pina

María Villegas

Tatiana Ortiz

Product Development & Analytics

Business Administration, BS
Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia.
Experience: 3 years as Marketing Coordinator at Alfagres S.A, over 2 years as Intercompany Analyst at Mahe Neutral Shipping – Colombia.
Currently studying a Master in Commercial & Marketing Management, at Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Colombia.
Phone: 305-895-7077 Ext. 302

Administrative Sales Coordinator

Business Administration BS with an emphasis on Project Management
Universidad EAFIT, Colombia
Experience: Over 2 years as Administrative Sales Coordinator at VWW.
Phone: 305 895 7077 ext. 303

Administrative Assistant

Paralegal Studies
Keiser University, USA.
Experience: Over 8 years of Administrative experience. As well as Legal Secretary and Priority Lending – Negotiations experience.
Phone: 305-895-7077 Ext. 305

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gallery/recurso 8

In VWWBC we are expanding our services, now we offer you the chance to buy online our products from the comfort of your home.

As easy as: select the product and quantity - choose the platform to pay - recieve the product home.

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Valentina Jaramillo

Far & Middle East Sales Representative

Journalist and Social Communicator. Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia.

Experience: More than 20 years of experience in business management, public relations, international customer management and marketing.

Phone: 305-895-7077 Ext. 315

Sales Assistant

Business Administration BS with a Marketing Specialization.  
Universidad EAFIT, Colombia.

Experience: Over a year as Sales Assistant at VWW

Phone: 305-895-7077 Ext. 300

Eugenia Saenz

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Sales Department

We are expanding our reach even further.

Our World Presence

Marketing Department

Scientific & Technical Department

Administrative Department

Countries: 51

Customers: 79